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12 responses to “About

  • Susan Sharpe

    Great site, Glenn! Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Hope you and the kiddos are doing well!


  • Diane

    Just checking on you. Hope you and your family are doing well.
    Take care,
    Diane Pinto

  • Travis HoGlin

    Hello Glen!
    I hope this email finds you having an outstanding day!
    I was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction to fix my Pendlay discount womens bar? The sleeve on one end has come off and hopefully there is a solution. Thanks for your time and attention!
    Travis HoGlin
    CrossFit X

  • sha

    Hey Glen,

    I randomly came across your blog. And with such passion about the terror of SAD “Standard American Diet” I thought you might be interested in becoming a certified health coach from IIN. IIN is the leading health coaching school on health and nutrition. After my first 3 months of study I was already seeing clients(you’re supposed to wait until 6 months -ssshh).
    Anyhow as a graduate I have a $1000 scholarship I can offer to a friend, and I think the dealine to sign up is May 24th. I have to check. Shoot me a email if you want to learn more about spreading the news in a healthy, profitable and liberating way 😀

  • SammyDee

    Hi Glenn, I’m really enjoying your blog. Do you have an email subscription button anywhere? I couldn’t find one but I want to sign up.

  • Tammy

    Glenn – I love your blog and am nominating you for the Reader Appreciation Award. Check it out along with the rules for how it works on my blog. Keep up the great work!

  • Matt

    Hi Glenn,
    I really enjoy your material! I’ve read many of your roundtable discussions in the S&C Journal and followed some of your videos while you were at CalStrength. I finished my MSc in S&C from U of Edinburgh just over a year ago; that’s where I first heard about you from many of the coaches over there. I am working now for a company called PUSH Strength (www.pushstrength.com); it’s a wearable device that can track and manage various metrics (peak power, peak force, accel etc.). Although you are likely busy, would love it if you could check out the site and see what you think.

  • Patrick

    Mr. Pendlay,
    I was wondering what your thoughts were on the notorious “butt wink” and if your stronger athletes like max aita have it. Should intermediate level athletes (weight lifters) be worried about it?

  • corefit22

    Thank you

  • Koleszár Gergő

    I just want to say thanks. I read an interview with you and I started to do HIT weightlifting and it’s working. I took up 10 kilos of muscle in the year without fat. You are my favorite.

  • Jon Chambers

    Hi Glenn,

    I just read about how the Texas Method was formed between the dialogue you and Mark had in the gym. Would you mind doing a short article on this sometime? I would love to read it!

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