Jacobs Ladder


I did a couple of new things yesterday.  First of all Dave Fleming arrived, was is rooming with me.  I didn’t mind having a room to myself for a week, but honestly it is nice having someone here.  I was definitely getting bored with being the only one in here.  Dave went with me yesterday morning to the strength and conditioning center when I went over to row, and he ended up doing a 2k himself.  I did not row yesterday morning, I did something new that Jareds girlfriend Veronica told me about called Jacobs Ladder.  Basically it simulates continuously walking up a ladder using both your arms and your legs.  It is unbelievably hard, and so far i have only managed to stay on it for a measly 5 minutes.  Oh well.  I am writing this in the morning, and it is about time to go over for the morning stretching session.  So I’m out…

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